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Over 50s guaranteed life insurance

Life insurance is important for all of us as it maintains our financial position for our loved ones. Money is needed to keep the family going especially when it is most needed.

For those who are over the age of 50 and below the age of 85, will be able to benefit from over 50s guaranteed life insurance policies. The insurance companies can provide this age related life cover even if you have an existing medical condition that occurred many years ago or lately.

What are the goods and bad points?

•    The policy can be cancelled at anytime but you will loose your benefits
•    If you cancel within the cooling down period of 30 days your premium can be returned
•    The lump sum is not inflation indexed and your final total may be lower

What are the benefits?
•    As previously stated there are not medical examinations necessary
•    There will be no health type enquiries
•    Your premium will be fixed for the duration of the policy
•    After the age of 90 years, premiums will not have to be paid
•    What you receive as a lump sum at the end may be less than what you paid in your premiums as a total
•    Some policies will pay the sum due under a year of the policy being paid for
•    Some insurance provides will return your full years premium if you die within the first year and there will no payment of the lump sum benefit
•    The insurance company will pay the benefit if you die due to a reason beyond your control or as a result of an unfortunate accident

If you need an optional funeral plan at an additional premium, this can normally be arranged.


Over 50s home response

Emergencies can arise at any time and especially when you are not feeling well. There may be nobody to call from the family and children have left the home and gone to university. What will happen, if you need something to be fixed in an emergency.

For those over 50 home response emergency service is necessary to ensure that the home does not get damaged and the heating is there to keep us warm through the winter nights.

What can you cover in your home response policy?

•    There is cover available for maintaining the boiler and radiators including any pipework and their controls
•    There is cover available for bust water pipes, drains, general plumbing, electrical work and other gas appliances.
•    There is cover available for the washing machine and the fridge freezer.

When you take up home emergency response cover, you will have the option to select the type of emergencies you need to cover. This will ensure that you don’t waste money on unneeded insurance.

Over 50s insurance

What type of economical cover is available to those who are over 50s or 60s:

•    Over 50s car insurance
•    Over 50s home insurance
•    Over 60s car insurance
•    Over 60s home insurance
•    Over 70s car insurance
•    Over 70s home insurance

Other insurance includes:

•    Boat
•    Breakdown
•    Caravan
•    Health
•    Health cash plans
•    Holiday home
•    Home
•    Home emergencies
•    Legal expenses insurance
•    Life cover
•    Motorcycle
•    Motor home
•    Personal accident insurance
•    Pet
•    Travel
•    Van

Over 50s personal accident insurance

In our modern age, there are many things that can go wrong, whether we are driving, flying, on holiday or in the garden. Accidents can happen and will happen which can lead to us being unable to work or live our previous existence before the accident.

We need to have personal accident insurance to protect us against:

•    Even dying
•    Illness
•    Physical inability

The benefits of personal accident insurance include:

•    A cash lump sum payment
•    Accident death benefit
•    Cover for burns
•    Cover for disability accidents
•    Cover for dislocations
•    Cover for fractures
•    Cover for injury
•    Hospital benefit
•    Premiums can be collected by direct debit
•    Some policies have an upper limit of 89 or 90 years
•    The policy can be cancelled at anytime
•    The premiums will be fixed for th duration of the policy
•    There is normally no medical required

Over 50s accidental death benefit

Your family or loved ones can be protected, if you take up a accidental death benefit insurance policy. This will enable your family to have a cas benefit, if unfortunately you die or accidently are killed. The amount to be insured is usually small and this enable your family to go on for a little while until financial matters have become clear.

The policies are classified as normally:

•    Combined single policies for you and your wife or partner
•    Joint couple policy
•    Single person

The accidental death policy covers:

•    A lump sum payment
•    Covers accidents caused while flying on a commercial airplane
•    Covers normally sports activity
•    Premiums are easy to pay by direct debit
•    There is no need for a medical examination
•    You can cancel the policy at anytime

Over 50s health cash plan

Our life style can lead to our health deteriorating as we get older. This could be due to our working styles, where we live and our up bringing. Health needs to be maintained as we get older, if we have health we have another day to enjoy with our loved ones, friends and family.

What does a typical health plan cover?

•    Eyes treatment
•    Help if needed while at home
•    Hospital in patient treatment
•    Physiotherapy treatment
•    Teeth treatment

What are the features and benefits of a typical health plan insurance policy?

•    There is payment available for chiropody, osteopathy and physiotherapy
•    There is payment available for dental treatment
•    There is payment available for eye tests and eye glasses
•    There is payment available for staying in a hospital
•    You must be over 18 years
•    Your children under the age of 18 are automatically covered

Over 50 holiday home insurance

Many people and families have a second house in the country side or another small village as a holiday or weekend home. The property can be quite small, such as a mobile caravan, a partment or house. As with a normal house, the owner will need to protect the property from hazards and harm by taking up an insurance policy. The cover can include for protecting the property itself and its contents.
The property to be insured can be in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. However, insurance is also available for many other countries such as:

•    France
•    Greece
•    Italy
•    Portugal
•    Spain

What are the benefits of a holiday home insurance policy?

•    Outside garden furniture and other fittings
•    Protection for travelling
•    Provision for legal liability of the land and its property
•    Provision for legal liability whether personal or public
•    Provision of any loss of rent
•    Provision of emergency accommodation
•    The liability involved as a tenant or owner of the property
•    Water leaks and water damage repairs

Holiday home insurance is a specialist policy and the cover provided is very comprehensive to protect against unknown risks.

Over 50s boat insurance

Boats are handy to have and they provide a certain type of freedom away from the normal towns and cities. When the weather is fine boats are ideal to go fishing or touring around the coast. Most boat insurance companies can provide:
•    Comprehensive insurance
•    Third party insurance

The types of boats which can be protected are:

•    Cruising boats
•    Dinghies
•    Motor boats
•    Narrow boats
•    Sailboats

Over 50s motorcycle insurance

Motorcycles are ideal for travelling when there is no need to have a car. Some properties don’t cater for cars and motorcycles help in keeping costs down, some people have a weekend type motor cycle and they are ideal if you live in the country side. As a legal requirement motorcycles need to be insured and such insurance is also needed to protect the driver or any pedestrians or other vehicles users.

What are the benefits of motorcycle insurance?

•    Cover as with cars can be provided for damage loss and fire
•    Cover can be comprehensive or third party only
•    Short term cover can be provided for riding in other countries

Optionally cover is available for:

•    Breakdowns
•    Legal expenses

Over 50s van insurance

If you have a business or you own van, transporting you own goods or those of others is important to you and may be your customer. The purchase price of vans can be expensive and we need to have our asset protected and be legal at the same time.
With van insurance you can take up the option of:

•    Comprehensive including any losses which may be suffered
•    Third party only
•    Third party, fire and theft

Vans are very flexible in carrying items, goods and theseneed to be insured with the van insurance package. The minimum cover is not normally enough.

What are the benefits of van insurance?
•    You can have cover for third party only, fire, theft and losses depending on the policy you select
•    Locks can be replaced in the event of lost keys
•    Breakage cover is included under a comprehensive policy for glass and doors
•    If your van needs insured repairs, a replacement van can be normally given by the insurance company

Over 50s motor home insurance

We all love to have a holiday whether it is locally or in Europe. We can go by car, phone and some cases by a single unit called a mobile motor home. These type of touring vehicles are ideal, normally self contained and has beds, while some can have small shower units built-in.

The cover can be either:

•    Comprehensive including any losses which may be suffered
•    Third party only
•    Third party, fire and theft

The comprehensive policy has the following features:

•    Cover for contents, limits apply
•    Cover for driving in Europe
•    Cover for driving in the United Kingdom
•    Cover for vandalism, restrictions may apply

Over 50s breakdown cover

Cars, vans, caravan and four wheel drive vehicles are capable of breaking down, whether the weather is fair or bad. Breakdown can happen at anytime but are more common when the weather is bad.
The features of a normal breakdown policy are:
•    Fuel issues
•    Option for cover in Europe
•    Passengers and drivers are covered
•    Tyre problems
•    Vandalism breakdowns

Over 50s caravan insurance

Touring with your caravan is a great experience for taking short term holidays whenever you need a break from work or your business. It is ideal as a holiday accommodation for the small family and young children love the outdoor:

The benefits of caravan insurance are:

•    Cover for your caravan is available on the basis of new for old
•    Cover is available for cases of vandalism
•    Optionally you can have breakdown insurance
•    Optionally you can have your  no claims bonus protected
•    You can travel in Europe or other close destinations abroad
•    Your caravan will be insured and covered for the term of the insurance

Over 50s private medical insurance

As we get older, our bodies will be not their youthful self and aging brings on the issues of having good medical care. Medical insurance provides private treatment when you need it without having to wait in queues at your local hospital.

Over 50s travel insurance

Having a holiday is a ideal way to relax, away from the normal routine of life. A few days in the sun or snow can be great to relieve us of any tension we have accumulated over the previous few months. The benefits of travel insurance are:

•    Cancellation cover is available due to weather problems and labour strikes when at home or your outward destination
•    Cover can be arranged for a single person, couples and groups
•    Cover is included for repatriation and medical emergencies
•    Loss of baggage is also covered
•    The online application form will have medical questions which will allow you to relay your existing medical conditions
•    You will also be covered if you are stranded or forced to stay abroad due to unfortunate circumstances beyond your control
•    You will have access to a helpline at anytime

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