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Accident Insurance

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Personal accident, accidental death or dismemberment insurance policies have a benefit which is paid in the case of accidental death or injury. Some policies may pay for partial dismemberment, for instance loss of limb, sight or hearing due to some type of incident which causes bodily harm.

Personal accident insurance applies to those part of the workforce who are sole traders, running businesses on their own or those who are self employed (in some case employees). These type or group of people have no one else to rely on when an emergency happens and they cannot work, which ultimately means loss of their income or additional protection by an employer.

Further these type of policies can provide either a weekly benefit or a lump sum amount, due to some type of injury or accident which stops us doing our work. These policies help in the person cover for what they need and for what period they need it for. The person can be covered for either accident and illness or accident only. These policies are flexible and vary from insurance company to insurance company. The person taking out the policy must fully read and understand the terms and conditions under which the insurance will eventually pay or will not pay. This is where the services of an experienced financial advisor can help. Some policies have exclusions and could make the policy taken out worthless.

In the end one has to protect onseself and the family with protected cashflow, if one ends up in an accident and becomes hospitalised or totally or permanently injured. Personal accident insurance cover can apply to accidents at work, on the road or on holiday ( see individual policy exclusions). There is no tax to pay on the received benefits and normally applies between the ages of 18-69.

The benefits normally available in the case of an accident or injury involve:

  • permanent total disability
  • loss of sight
  • loss of use of limbs
  • loss of speech
  • loss of hearing
  • loss of use of shoulder, elbow, wrist, thumb, hip, knee, ankle, finger or big toe
  • daily hospitalisation benefit
  • lump sum hospitalisation benefit
  • accidental death benefit

Statistics show that accidents are a major cause of injury or death of working people. There are many people who may have not considered the possibility of what will happen if there is an accident, especially those who are self employed and have a young family. The question is who is going to carry your wages or salary if you cannot work. It is hoped that personal accident insurance will be payable in the case of serious accidents or injuries. They will ultimately help our loved ones, so that their future is more secure.

As part of life insurance personal accident insurance can be an affordable addition to the life insurance premium. Some insurance policies do not cover for every event and personal accident insurance can help to close any pit falls in other insurance policies.

The benefits which are available under this type of insurance can be:

  • reimbursement for those medical treatments which are necessary
  • accidental death benefit
  • dismemberment benefit
  • cover for air ambulance costs and other necessary transport costs
  • payment of claims directly into your bank account
  • getting the right specialist and doctors

These policies can provide 24 hour full week cover and can cover most age groups. But some policies have a upper age limit which needs to be checked. Having 24 hour cover everyday of the year may be a great benefit when you take into account your life style. So having such emergency cover reduces the chances of something major happening affecting our income flow.

When taking out personal accident insurance you need to ask these questions:

  •  do i need to take personal accident insurance or is there something I can add to another policy such as home insurance, car insurance etc.?
  • what are the varuois types of policies and their differences/benefits?
  • Can I be covered for terrorism related incidents?
  • do i have to pay any type of tax?
  • when will my benefit commence or stop?
  • what are the exclusions and any limilations?
  • what are the costs and excess costs or periods?

Companies that can provide personal accident insurance are:

  • AIG Direct
  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • B&CE Insurance
  • B&Q
  • Barclays Insurance
  • Combined Insurance
  • Groupama Insurance
  • HPIS
  • intune
  • Karma Insurance
  • Liverpool and Victoria
  • Nationwide
  • Naturesave
  • PAX
  • Pinnacle Insurance
  • RAC Direct Insurance
  • Saga
  • Sovereign Healthcare
  • Sportscover Direct
  • The Health Insurance Shop
  • The Health Schemes

Premium is calculated upon:

  • Location in the world
  • Type of occupation
  • Your age.
  • Your current health.
  • Insured sum.

Injuries in the work place are common and result from:

  • Robberies.
  • Assault.
  • Violent atatcks.
  • Falls from height.
  • car accidents.
  • Incidents in connection with falling objects.

Money saving Tips for Personal Accident Insurance

Take out lpersonal accident insurances if your have a family.

  • Income protection may have better compensation.
  • Mortgage payment protection policies are considered to have better payouts.
  • Ensure that you declare all your previous illnesses - otherwise you may not be paid.
  • Consult an approved Independent Financial Advisor.
  • Get plenty of quotes, read the policies and exclusion clauses before signing on the dotted line.
    Investigate protection insurance on the internet to save on your premiums.
  • Sick pay will not cover all your outgoings.
  • Can be taken out by a business or individual.
  • Applies to war zones, jounalists, racing drivers, entertainers, actors, musicians, sports people, sub-contractors, part-time employees and aid workers.
  • World cover is available.
  • Can cover terrorism and hazardous places.


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