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Website Speed Optimisation Internet Web Tester Tool

A website speed test allows you to check or find out how fast your connection is to the internet. The test also determines how fast your website loads or whether it is slow. It is important that we test our broadband speeds at regular intervals using one of the many servers based around the world. Most website speed test services are free and some allow you to store you data for future reference.

Normally the speed test shows the measure or values of:
1.    The ping
2.    The upload speed
3.    The download speed

After you have carried out a connection speed test, you will be able to determine whether the speed is in keeping with the data received from the service provider, if not, find out why why the connection is not very fast.

Your customers will appreciate that your website has no problems and it is important for SEO work.

Website load can be very high for graphic intensive web pages.

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