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Make Money: Prepaid Mastercard by a global company

Date Added: August 06, 2011 07:36:24 PM

Make Money: Prepaid Mastercard by a global company

For a small fee you will be able to buy two prepaid cards and have a worldwide facility of transferring small amounts of money to family or friends. The process to obtain a prepaid LEBARA card is the same for all bank accounts and you will have to give your full details. You don’t normally need to have a bank account and your agreement can be activated without any financial or personal credit references.

People travelling or backpacking can sometimes face financial or money hardship and the use of a normal credit or debit card can be prohibitive. With the LEBARA repaid card issued, it has relatively become easy to transfer money. This card allows you to:
•    Make withdrawals.
•    Transfer money to another card holder.
•    You can load the card with little or more money as desired.

Transferring money to the card is by:
•    Bank transactions.
•    Going online.
•    Going to a paypoint.
•    Going to a post office.
•    Going to participating stores.
•    Making a telephone call to LEBARA.
•    The use of the LEBARA cards is not free as transaction fees will apply.

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