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Make Money: How to swap homes

Date Added: August 06, 2011 07:43:42 PM

Make Money: How to swap homes


f you are willing to let your home to complete strangers, there is a special way to do this called a house swap.
This way you could save some hotel costs but you will need to have petrol or travel money and some more money for food.
House swaps can be within your country or somewhere exotic abroad. The world becomes open to you in this exchange and this process can happen anytime of the year.

If you don’t want to do all the leg work yourself and finding your house swap, you could go to an agency which specialises in this type of travel exchange.

Going from your home to another home means that basic things such as furniture, bathrooms and somewhere to cook are all provided. You could have breakfast or lunch or dinner at your exchanged home or even eat out if you don’t want to cook on vacation.

If you are travelling abroad you will need to have travel insurance, air tickets and have your mobile phones/electronic equipment insured. Once you get to your destination you may be able to travel by taxi or a hired car.

The internet is a good way to register your home as an exchange home. You could place an advertisement on several websites. The advertisement will allow you to suggest the dates when the home will be available and how many persons it could accommodate. Some websites will show the map and situation of your home, so that internet visitors have a fair idea of what may be expected in their locality.

Once your advertisement is complete, you may receive several inquiries and you will have to be selective. Your agency will be able to help in this matter.

The following is a checklist of items to ensure that you have covered all possibilities and secured your home to strangers:
•    Do initial enquiries by email.
•    Ensure that you have insurance for any cancellations.
•    Have your agreement in writing and take any references, again your agent should be able to help.
•    If you have expensive items in your home which could be easily removed or damaged, store them with a friend or neighbour or in a bank.
•    Make any telephone calls necessary to agree any other matters.
•    See if you need to have insurance for the home you are renting, especially third party insurance and public liability insurance.
•    Your insurance company should be contacted to check that you will be insured.

Once you have exchanged terms, conditions, agreements, contracts and put in place insurance, you will be set to go. The agent will make all arrangements for keys and ensure that the accommodation will be available.

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