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Make Money: Earning Money as a Tutor

Date Added: August 08, 2011 02:25:39 PM

Make Money: Earning Money as a Tutor

Those who can teach should try to teach whether full time or part time or as a second job (whether evenings or on weekends). There is a good rate which can be charged by the hour, the week or the month. You could set up a small business and invite university students to teach. This way the university student has an income and the tutor organisation can obtain a steady income as well.

Most tutors come to your house to teach your children but it takes time and expense which needs to be charged back. The main reason to hire a good tutor is for your child to do well in their studies and pass exams with flying colours. Tutors can also act as mentors for your children and a role model, which will create confidence.

Passing experience to a younger person and knowledge is beneficial to the young student. If educational value can be transferred in this way, it can lead the young student to achieve a higher grade then he would normally have.

Tutors may have many years of experience in teaching or just be young professionals with a degree trying to earn an extra income.
Like a good plumber who has a good reputation for getting the job done, a good tutor is usually recommended by a friend. This way the tutor can be trusted and you won’t want a stranger to teach your children. The tutor will also need to have a CRB (Criminal Record’s Bureau) check carried out to give further confidence.

Another place to find good tutors could be through a well trusted agency and a pre-interview with the tutor will be helpful before the tutor starts teaching your children. Agencies will normally have tutors who have a first class degree and many have teaching qualifications.

Tutors can normally be found to teach:
•    A levels.
•    English.
•    GSCEs.
•    History.
•    Languages.
•    Music.
•    Sciences.

Being a tutor with a good reputation will earn you a reasonable amount of money, but you will need to take account of income tax and any insurance required when acting as a business. Also, expenses should be collected with receipts when calculating your taxes.

What is a CRB (criminal record’s bureau) check?

A CRB check is normally carried out by your future employer to verify that you do not have a criminal record that will be negative against you working with children or other vulnerable people. It is important for your employer to carry out this check and ensure that their customers are secure. The records of offending people who have had some type of conviction in the past two and half years is not normally recorded under the Rehabilitation of Offender Act. So, therefore, a CRB check to ascertain whether the new employee has a criminal conviction is very important.

The CRB check is not free and involves fees to process the required confidential documents.

The normal CRB checks will be carried out by a registered agent (which will take over a week to process) for:
•    Cautions, reprimands and warnings.
•    Convictions which are open or current.
•    List of checks under the Education Act.

The registered agent will guarantee that the information an checks provided are accurate and can be relied upon. The agent will carry out a check on the applicant and why a criminal record is required by you or the employer.

Individuals can only obtain a simple check by contacting the UK Disclosure Department. The other report you can obtain is Subject Access Report from your local police station for a small fee and takes about a month to process.

CRB checks don’t last forever and regular checks may be required on your employees and these re-checks should be carried out every two years.

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