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Pet Insurance

Date Added: August 12, 2011 11:14:56 AM

Pet Insurance

Keeping a pet is like having an additional family member. We will need to feed them, keep them warm and give them exercise (if needed). But when the health of your pet suffers, it can be expensive and this is where pet insurance applies.

Pet insurance will provide cover for vet costs and pets such as cats, dogs, horses and smaller pets can be covered.

What is not covered, may be:
•    Neutering.
•    Vaccinations.

The best policy is “life long” policy and covers for the life of the pet or alternatively the “limited” policy will cover you for an annual or shorter period. Annual policies can be taken out with a single payment.

Pet insurance monthly premiums will depend upon the normal criteria such as (of the pet):
•    Age.
•    Previous medical conditions.
•    Weight.

What does a typical pet insurance policy cover:
•    Costs of cancelling your holiday if you have to return from your holiday in an emergency.
•    Kennel bills.
•    Test bills.
•    Third party liability cover for dogs (especially).
•    X-rays bills.

Once you receive the pet policy ensure that it covers for what your pet needs and put the policy documents in a safe place.
Monthly direct debit payments for your pet insurance is vital to keep existing medical conditions from expiring, as a new policy will not cover existing medical conditions. So, a pet insurance should be taken out when your pet is of young age.

To make a claim for vet expenses, you will have to pay the qualified vet first yourself, fill in a claims form together with attaching the receipt from the vet and the insurance company will pay you in a week or so.

If you buy insurance from the vet clinic, it may be expensive and obtaining a quote or insurance from the internet insurance broker may be cheaper but make sure that the insurance policy has the same information as that available online with the broker or insurance company. Check what the excess criteria is and how it works.

Have the following information ready when going online or telephoning for a pet insurance quote:
•    Your name and address.
•    Purchase cost of your pet and proof of purchase.
•    Whether all vaccinations have been kept up to date and proof of vaccinations.
•    Type of pet and age (older pets will have higher premiums).
Pet insurance may be refused for certain types of pets due to their age.

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