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Does The Anti-Christ Wear Heel Lifts

Date Added: December 09, 2012 04:53:18 PM
Author: Katlyn Toliver
Category: Articles Directory
As is becoming increasingly obvious lately, with the banking system under nonstop spotlight stemming from allegations of mismanagement and straight up fraudulence, bankers appear to have delusions of grandeur or possibly a better than you demeanor. Bankers, it would seem, look down on the rest of humanity, like traditional gods that toyed with the Greeks in times passed by. The ability or need to look down on other people is thoroughly unachievable when you are on the same levels as those you plan to look down upon. Being elevated is a particular benefit if not a necessity, this situation can occur, only if you are actually higher. To accomplish this virtue of elevation, the banker needs to be, either proudly located within the celestial heavens or taller than their peers. Remaining taller than one's peers is as you can imagine the only way a banker might look down on anyone, bankers usually are not recognized for their deity or heavenly existence, I am thinking that all bankers travel down whenever they shuffle from this mortal coil known as life, I may possibly be wrong but I really doubt it, because i possess great arrogance and a belief in myself that is almost banker like in it's strength. Should God determine that your life will be spent gazing up in wonder at others endowed with a more significant height than yourself, there is absolutely nothing that even a banker is able to do about it. This has always been the case, right up until an individual with a strategy for a lucrative journey and a total disregard for what the all powerful one decreed, made a decision to invent heel lifts. This place of history has been disregarded by great historians or probably concealed by some people that have a conspiracy theory tendency. Some individuals empowered with much greater expertise than myself, would have us believe that the discovery of electrical energy or the entry into the world of quantum physics had the biggest impact on man, I point these better thinkers to the coming of heel lifts and as supporting proof I point out the life and vocation of the former French leader, Nicholas Sarkozy. Quantum physics and electricity paired in enormous portions could never have propelled our diminutive Frenchman to these political heights as running the globe's favorite place. With out heel lifts Mr Sarkozy will have continued to be unheard of and quite short. Despite having heel lifts Nicky's bodily height never ever compared favorably with his political victories. Bankers, like Sarkozy are limited, maybe not as clearly limited though the difference is negligible. Bankers require help to look down on anyone, just imagine a banker during his formative school years, I guarantee these people were neither well-liked nor in physical form desirable. Bankers, very much like Sarkozy, need help because of their elevation, enter heel lifts, the discovery that transformed people forever. I realize I am asking that, you the reader make a giant leap here, undoubtedly quantum physics and electricity seem a lot more important and influential than heel lifts, probably as a consequence of the cover up we described early on. Ask yourself this, devoid of heel lifts, could the smallest Frenchman in history ever be a world leader? minus the humble heel lift, would the budgetary crash and burn of 2008 have arisen? I consider the evidence is convincing. Barrack Obama is, needless to say tall as is evidenced by his basketball expertise and obvious height, he is the president of the 2nd most significant country on the planet following France, Barrack looks down on everybody, even Sarkozy, I state that this is because of his greater height, Sarkozy and all of the bankers of this planet, can recognize an unjust advantage, this is the key reason why they are bankers and Sarkozy is Sarkozy. With no heel lifts, bankers, Sarkozy and any other members of the much marketed new world order may be shorter than you or I and would be unable to look down on anyone besides the odd North Korean or two. The world might be a more pleasant and more safe place and bankers would assume the position in modern society that God intended for these people. To find out more on shoe lifts inserts take a look at
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