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How does dog grooming business insurance work and protect me?

Date Added: November 18, 2011 07:56:42 AM
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How does dog grooming business insurance work and protect me?

Running a pet care business such as dog grooming requires certain types of insurance to be taken as part of your business expenses. Insurance is essentially a risk minimization exercise in order to reduce your losses. If you don’t have insurance, you may incur large expenses which may put you out of business. For a pet care business you will need to consider:

•    The pet being lost or running away
•    The pet being stolen
•    The pet falling ill while they are under your care
•    The pet having an accident
•    The pet injury another pet or person
•    The pet suffering any injuries

The pet must be given priority at all times that the customer is satisfied that you have good or excellent pet care management in place. Once the people and pet side has been taken account of to minimum risk, you will need to look at the other aspects of insurance such as:

•    Contents and equipment insurance
•    Damage incurred by third parties
•    Employer’s liability insurance
•    Injuries to staff and visitors insurance
•    Insurance against theft, fire and weather
•    Legal liability insurance
•    Personal accident cover
•    Property insurance
•    Public liability insurance
•    Vet care insurance

Not all insurance policies are the same; the premium could be low because the risk to the insurance company is low. The more risk that needs to be covered the higher will be the premium and all options should be taken account of. The list of excesses should be considered and whether if adjusting the excess will lead to a lower premium but having the same level of cover.

A reputable insurance broker should be consulted otherwise there is a risk that you may be not financially covered. In the end, it will be up to the business owner together with professional advice from his solicitor and accountant that will lead to running a professional pet business without too much worry.

 Adjust the excess to see if the premiums result in any additional savings.

Read the dog grooming business insurance term and conditions carefully and store the documents in an easy to find place.
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