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How does health insurance work and protect me?

Date Added: November 18, 2011 09:50:01 AM
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How does health insurance work and protect me?

If we don’t have our health, we cannot function well and our potential to lead a good long life will be diminished. Private health insurance is an option available to those who can afford it. Some companies have group health policies for their staff at certain premiums. Some employer’s may not want to have company health, as premiums can be quite expensive. Those with families may take up business type health insurance, as it protects the employer, employee, spouse and the children to a certain age. Some pre-existing medical conditions may not be covered. 

What can be covered with health insurance?

•    Dental treatment
•    In hospital care
•    Outpatients
•    Physiotherapy
•    Psychiatric help
•    Surgical operations

What are the advantages of private health insurance?

•    Availability of professional medical consultants
•    Immediate care
•    No additional bills to pay other then premiums.
•    No wailing lists
•    Private rooms

Not all health insurance policies are the same and the terms and conditions must be read carefully. Health policies are based upon the level of cover you can afford:

•    A basic premium
•    A comprehensive policy
•    A good policy

What about the National Health Service? If you cannot afford a private policy, the National Health Service is equally adequate in the case of emergencies.

Adjust the excess to see if the premiums result in any additional savings.

Read the health insurance term and conditions carefully and store the documents in an easy to find place. Remember certain policies have long waiting periods before complicated medical treatment comes into affect.
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