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How does motor bike insurance work and protect me?

Date Added: November 18, 2011 10:14:57 AM
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How does motor bike insurance work and protect me?

Motor bikes are important for their users and some motor bikes are rare or expensive which requires insurance to protect your investment. Since motor bikes are ridden/driven on the roads and highways, it is a legal requirement that insurance is in place. Over the many years there have been many accidents with motor bikes and ordinary road vehicles. In order not to break the law, it is wise to take up insurance for:

•    Theft
•    Fire
•    Third party liabilities
•    Breakdown
•    Accidental damage

As with cars there are three types of insurance policies:

•    Comprehensive
•    Their party, fire and theft
•    Third party only

The most expensive policy is the comprehensive policy and this is the most common policy. The premium you pay will depend upon:

•    Annual mileage
•    Any modifications carried out
•    Any passengers carried
•    Any safety devices fitted
•    Any security devices used such as chains
•    Any side cars used
•    Purchase price of the motor bike
•    Training course attended
•    Where it is parked or stored at night
•    Where you live
•    Whether the bike is imported
•    Your age
•    Your no claims record

Online insurance brokers will help in you finding the best policy which meets you own special circumstances. Have a look at a few quotes and read the keyfacts of the policy.

If you can afford a higher access, the premium can be cheaper. Read the motor bike insurance policy, when it arrives and make sure that it is correct or have it amended within 14 days of you first receiving it.

Adjust the excess to see if the premiums result in any additional savings.

Read the motor bike insurance term and conditions carefully and store the documents in an easy to find place.
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