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Home Insurance & Contents insurance

Date Added: March 29, 2011 08:25:06 PM
Category: Life insurance

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Home Insurance & Contents insurance Home Insurance & Contents insurance

Home Insurance

Home insurance is very important for all of us who are homeowners. We need to protect our investment and preserve the home, where our families live.

With home insurance you can protect the building, flat, apartment, home boat and its contents.

The insurance cover includes the physical building, garages, green houses or sheds as well as including fitted permanent fittings. The cover ensures compensation is due in the case of fire, theft, flooding, ground movement and the like. It covers the house rebuilding cost and your professional fees.

If you have a mortgage, the lender will insist that a building insurance policy is taken out. Normally, the lender will insure the building but you could find a cheaper building insurance solution elsewhere.

It must be pointed out that the rebuilding cost is normally covered by the policy and there is no protection for the market value of the property.

Two ways to reduce the premiums is to ask for alternative premiums by varying the excess amount and comparing your policy with a good comparison website.

Home insurance normally includes both the building and contents insurance as a single combined policy which normally results in a discount.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance although not a legal requirement normally covers for non-permanent items such as:

•    Bicycles
•    Carpets
•    Clothes
•    Furniture
•    General electrical items
•    Jewellery
•    Shoes
•    Some cash

High value items subject to accidental damage over a certain amount will carry and additional premium. Cover is available for such events as theft, lightening, hurricanes, flooding and storms.

Look at the keyfacts for the policy and recognise the possible exclusions and standard inclusions. Make a comparison list if you have time and ensure that you are well covered.

Make sure you choose the right insurance such as new for old or current worth.

The value of your contents can be estimated by building up a list room by room and expensive items should be listed separately such as electrical goods, jewellery and the like. Antiques and rare paintings may require specialist valuations.

If any of your contents will be travelling with you then a different premium will apply or separate insurance will be needed when you are travelling.

Varying the excess will alter the premium you are willing to pay.
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