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Elliott Wave Forecast

Elliott Wave Forecast Guide and Tips

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Tips for Elliot Wave Forecast


·         All markets are cyclical, whether going up or down.

·         Count the stock waves in accordance with Elliot Wave numbers.

·         Difficult method to use.

·         Is based on human rhythms.

·         It can be subjective at times.

·         Needs great deal of study.

·         Test, test and test gain.

·         The standard (grand super cycle, super cycle, cycle, primary, intermediate, minor, minute, minuette, sub-minuette) wave pattern applies whether a multi-year structure or a daily structure.

·         There are 3 waves down (a-b-c) – corrective waves.

·         There are 5 waves up (1-2-3-4-5) – motive waves.

·         Trade using Elliott Waves with care, you could get wiped out.

·         We would all be rich, if every theory worked.

·         You will need to subscribe to a newsletter to succeed.




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