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Free guide to save money. Make your money last longer. Money saving tips to start saving. Ways to save more money. How to save strategy, methods for personal finance.


Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich from America's Money-Saving Expert by Clark Howard and Mark Meltzer (Paperback - 31 Mar 2002)

Free Sports Bets by Richard Thrust (Paperback - 19 Mar 2010)

Debt (White Rabbit) by Juliane Otterbach (Paperback - 3 April 2008)

Heritage: Management, Interpretation, Identity by Peter Howard (Paperback - 15 May 2003)

Beginning Spring Framework 2 by Thomas Van de Velde, Bruce Snyder, Christian Dupuis, and Sing Li (Paperback - 7 Dec 2007)

Get Out of Debt (LSU) by This Morning and Denise Robertson (Paperback - 31 Aug 2007)


Clark's Big Book of Bargains by Clark Howard and Mark Meltzer (Paperback - April 2003)

Skint to Mint (Get A Life) by Sarah Modlock (Paperback - 28 July 2006)

Cheap.Fast.Good! by Beverly Mills and Alicia Ross (Paperback - 24 Oct 2005)

Silver Surfers' Colour Guide to Travel and Holidays (Silver Surfers Colour Guides) by Simon Veness and Susan Veness (Paperback - 12 Nov 2007)

Wake Up and Change Your Life by Duncan Bannatyne (Hardcover - 21 Aug 2008)

The Big Trip (Lonely Planet General Reference) by George Dunford (Paperback - 1 Nov 2008)

The "Sunday Times" Adding Value to Your Property: Make Thousands on Your Home Investment by Isabel Unsworth and "Sunday Times" (Paperback - 15 Oct 2004)

The Politics of American Discontent: How a New Party Can Make Democracy Work Again by Gordon S. Black and Benjamin D. Black (Hardcover - 22 April 1994)

Ms. Cheap's Guide to Getting More for Less by Mary Hance (Paperback - Sep 2000)

Your Wedding Your Way by Leah Ingram (Paperback - Mar 2001)

Cheap. Fast. Good! by Beverly Mills, Alicia Ross, and Steven Guarnaccia (Hardcover - 12 Dec 2005)

Babynomics: Moneysaving Tips for Smart Parents by Madeline Thomas (Paperback - 17 May 2010)

The Executor's Guide: Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust by Mary Randolph (Paperback - 9 Feb 2010)

The Executor's Guide: Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust by Mary Randolph (Paperback - 30 Mar 2006)

The Executor's Guide: Settling a Loved One's Estate or Trust by Mary Randolph (Paperback - 15 Jan 2008)

Wake Up and Change Your Life by Duncan Bannatyne (Paperback - 3 Aug 2009)

•    Have all agreements in writing

•    Reduce your phone bills

•    Carry out an early booking

•    Consider the Post Office Card to save on currency exchanges

•    Buy a more economical car

•    Check your spending habits
•    Compare bank charges
•    Don't overdraw at the bank
•    Don't spend your salary before it comes in
•    Go for free banking
•    Have a low interest rate credit card
•    Keep in the bank 3 to 4 months of your salary as a contingency
•    Look for better deals on mortgages
•    Overdrafts are expensive, do not over draw
•    Pay all bills on time
•    Pay bills on time
•    Pay off your credit card bills on time or have a standing order
•    Put spare change in a bottle
•    Try to borrow books

•    Ask your children to take care of clothes and other school things
•    Buy presents for children when they are at bargain prices
•    Make children do little jobs around the house
•    Put a little aside for the children
•    Teach children about energy costs
•    Teach children about environmental issues
•    Teach children about money management
•    Teach children about recycling

•   Avoid designer labels

•    Look for coupons

Credit card   
•    Reduce your credit card debt

Credit cards   
•    Avoid annual fees on credit cards
•    Avoid purchases on credit cards
•    Compare credit card rates
•    Do you really need your credit card?
•    With drawing money by credit cards abroad may have higher interest charges

Direct debit   
•    Use direct debits

•    Be your own handy man

•    Subscribe to less TV channels

•    Recycle to protect the environment

•    Avoid ATM fees

•    Cook at home and reduce outside fast food
•    Reduce your meat intake
•    Re-use food containers


•    Reduce your fuel bills

•    Avoid the gym
•    Reduce alcohol intake
•    Reduce cigarette consumption

•    Compare holidays on line

•    A smaller home is more economical to run
•    Avoid drying clothes in a dryer
•    Avoid expensive birthday gifts
•    Avoid having pets
•    Better energy efficient appliances should be purchased
•    Boil or use a water filter instead of water from bottles
•    Boil water to the quantity required
•    Buy from eBay
•    Clothes needing dry cleaning should be avoided
•    Control your heating thermostat
•    Disposal things should be used less
•    Do you need all those TV channels?
•    Do you really need cable television?
•    Do you really need satellite television?
•    Double or triple glazing reduces energy consumption
•    Download public domain songs for personal use
•    Drink alcohol less
•    Eat healthily
•    Eat less fish products
•    Eat less meat products
•    Emailing is free
•    Extend your house rather than moving
•    Flowers can be grown at home
•    Food should not be wasted, only prepare what you need
•    Give old clothes to charity shops
•    Go to auctions
•    Grow your own vegetables
•    Have coffee at home
•    Have double glazing fitted
•    Have heavy carpets to keep warm
•    Have thick curtains to keep heat loss to minimum
•    Have thick roof insulation
•    House repairs should be attended to immediately
•    In colder weather wear more clothes
•    Learn how to replace a tap washer
•    Learn something new every day or week
•    Legs can be waxed at your house
•    Long distance calls should only be used off peak
•    Look after your shoes
•    Look for single telephone, broadband and TV deals
•    Lower the thermostat setting in your home
•    Make home made cakes and jams
•    Only have one phone
•    Own fewer things
•    Pizza can be made at home
•    Plant fruit trees and bushes
•    Put left over's in the fridge to eat tomorrow
•    Quality items last longer
•    Read news online
•    Rechargeable batteries are useful
•    Rent a room
•    Rent DVDs to watch at your house
•    Repair minor things yourself
•    Restore old furniture yourself
•    Rooms not in use should have doors closed
•    Save water while washing or turn tap off
•    Set washing machine to low temperature wash
•    Sew your own curtains
•    Shower heads should be water saving
•    Stay away from lawyers
•    Switch lights off when not required
•    Switch off appliance when not in use
•    Take a few days in buying expensive items
•    Take your drinks to the cinema
•    Theatres and cinemas can be expensive
•    Tint your hair easily at your house
•    Unplug electric item when not in use for a long time
•    Use air conditioning when it is essential
•    Use bath water sparingly
•    Use dried flower arrangements
•    Use energy efficient light bulbs
•    Use internet messenger for long distance
•    Use Skype for talking long distance
•    Use the electric kettle sparingly
•    Use the fridge to defrost
•    Use the grill and oven less often
•    Use the library to obtain DVDs to watch
•    Use the local garage for car repairs
•    Use the shower for 5 to 10 minutes
•    Use the TV to record your favourite movies
•    Use windows to the cool the rooms
•    Vending machines are expensive to use
•    Wallpaper and paint yourself
•    Washing machines should have full load
•    Water does not need to boiling hot all the time
•    When you buy things they should have minimum maintenance costs

•    Compare breakdown insurance
•    Compare home and contents insurance
•    Compare life insurance
•    Compare travel insurance
•    Get insurance quotes annually
•    Get the right travel insurance
•    Take out the maximum redundancy insurance
•    Take up insurance for the essential things
•    Take up legal expenses insurance

•    Carry out a part time job

•    Go to the local library

•    Get a loan or mortgage you can afford

•    Avoid loans

•    Go to the street market

•    Avoid ready made meals

•    Save your change at home
•    Track your money

•    Avoid what the neighbours do

•    Try the word 'NO'

•    Hunt for special offers

•    Consider having a pension plan

•    Compare mobile phone contracts

•    Save a little everyday

•    Use ebay to sell things
•    Go to a car boot sale
•    Sell your old books
•    Sell your old junk

•    Are all those options really necessary
•    Ask for a lower price
•    Ask for a quote and shop around
•    Ask for cash payment discounts
•    Avoid compulsive shopping - think it through
•    Avoid large shopping trips
•    Avoid paying interest
•    Avoid tipping
•    Budget your shopping
•    Buy discounted goods
•    Buy end of date products at discount prices
•    Buy famous brand reliable products
•    Buy food only once a week
•    Buy second hand
•    Compare a pay as you go phone
•    Compare bulk purchases
•    Compare own brand items
•    Compare your bills every year
•    Compare your mortgage every year
•    Cycle to the shops
•    Don't buy DVDs, rent them
•    Don't impulse buy
•    Explore other shops for bargains
•    Extended warranties can be a waste
•    If its not right complain
•    Is free delivery included?
•    Is it an essential purchase?
•    Look for special offers
•    Negotiate with sales people
•    Packed lunches for work
•    Shop for special deals - end of line
•    Shop in the sales
•    Shop online and compare
•    Take a shopping list with you and stick to it
•    Things are normally cheaper in the Christmas sales
•    Trade-in old CDs DVDs and books
•    Use a cheaper brand
•    Use less shampoo and liquid soap
•    Use the dish washer less
•    Use the internet to shop
•    Walk to the shops

•    Avoid solicitors and use advice bureaus

•    Use student discount cards

•    Claim child credits
•    Claim tax credits
•    Consider your ISA tax benefits

•    Compare cinema and theatre tickets
•    Don't by last minute tickets

•    Avoid exchanging money in the hotel
•    Avoid foreign holidays
•    Book train tickets online
•    Cars should be washed at home
•    Check the weight of baggage on the trip back
•    Consider annual travel insurance for frequent flyers
•    Cut on fuel by driving slowly
•    Don't speed on roads
•    Fuel up your car before from your destination
•    Have the right tyre pressures to save on fuel
•    Holidays items should be bought before you leave
•    Hotel internet fees can be high
•    Learn to barter abroad
•    Lighten the load in your car
•    Local phone cards can be economical
•    Monthly travel tickets are more economical
•    Obtain the best deal on currencies, check the actual exchange rates
•    Park in the correct spot and pay the correct fee
•    Pay for flights by credit card
•    Pay for vacations by credit card
•    Second user cars can be cheaper
•    Share your car to work
•    Street food can be economical
•    Take advantage of tax free duties
•    Tipping is only essential at certain places
•    Use a second handset locally
•    Use rail discount cards
•    Use safe forms of travelling money
•    Use the local buses
•    Use the train
•    Use traveller cheques
•    Weekly travel tickets are more economical

•    All inclusive vacations can be economical
•    B&Bs are cheaper than hotels
•    Consider flexible vacation dates
•    Consider frequent flyer programme
•    Consider less expensive vacation destinations
•    Cruising vacations can be discounted
•    Don't use the hotel mini bar
•    Eat out from the hotel
•    Go for a swim at a hotel
•    Group vacation bookings can be economical
•    Loyalty hotel programmes can be good
•    Package vacations can be economical
•    Read vacation guide books for tips
•    Room service charges should be looked at
•    Short term apartments can be booked easily
•    Stay at a campus
•    Stay at a youth hostel
•    Take a vacation in your country
•    Try and travel non-peak time
•    Use points rewards card
•    Weighting your baggage before travel
•    When on vacation take the bus, metro or train

•    Look for vouchers

•    Say 'No' to extended warranties for small value items
•    Seek out 3 free warranties
•    Seek out 5 free year warranties

Water meter   
•    Install a water meter

•    Be career minded and learn a skill
•    Be independent on financial matters and cash
•    Budget your shopping and give yourself a goal
•    Build a nest egg for a rainy day
•    Buy generic/own brand medicines
•    Consider term life insurance
•    Control your finances yourself
•    Don't jointly sign anything unless you agree
•    Don't spend more than your wages
•    Get there before the parking places have gone
•    Go on the shops mailing list
•    Go shopping on your own or with a trusted friend
•    have a pre-nuptial agreement, protect your value
•    Have your car longer
•    Improve your writing and IT skills
•    Insurance deductibles can be increased to save on your premium
•    Invest your money carefully
•    Jointly agree to any loans or re-mortgages
•    Jointly manage money with your partner
•    Keep all passwords to yourself
•    Keep all your receipts safe
•    Keep you job and be independent
•    Keep your discount coupons handy
•    Keep your home in joint names
•    Know that are  in power and in control
•    Know your tax return
•    Know your value of what you are worth
•    Learn from your mistakes and try again
•    Learn to balance your budget and cheque book
•    Learn to say 'NO'
•    Learn, absorb and manage money
•    Make a personal will
•    Negotiate your salary
•    Open source software is free
•    Save for your retirement first
•    Save your money and spend it wisely
•    Set up a trust fund for your family
•    Shop when sale days are on
•    Study the stores return policy
•    Submit a insurance claim if it is worth it compared to the deductable
•    Try and buy end of line items
•    Try free food samples near lunch time
•    Underwear should match your skin colour
•    Use your reward card
•    Wear a shirt for quick changing
•    Woman should buy their own house


•    Ask for student discounts
•    Ask for the lowest phone tariffs
•    Attend all classes
•    Avoid credit cards
•    Avoid non-essential loans
•    Bills should be paid on time
•    Books - try
•    Books - try
•    Budget your life expenditure
•    Budget your weekly shopping
•    Buy a pay as go mobile
•    Buy non-brand clothes which last
•    Cook at home
•    Do your own ironing
•    Do your own laundry
•    Don't carry out impulsive buying
•    Don't drink alcoholic drinks
•    Don't give any financial information
•    Don't give passwords away
•    Don't pay a fee for a credit card
•    Don't smoke
•    Don't use a car
•    Don't use cable or satellite TV
•    Eat economically
•    Free laptop deals are not ideal
•    Get a driving licence
•    Get a first aid kit
•    Get a sewing kit
•    Get a student bank account
•    Get a student travel card
•    Get a TV licence
•    Get insurance for your belongings
•    Get or borrow second hand books
•    Healthy eating is a must
•    Keep all your receipts safe
•    Keep health and exercise
•    Live close to the university
•    Order things online
•    Save money before going to university
•    Search the internet
•    Sell your old junk
•    Travel off-peak
•    Try and get things for free
•    Use 0% credit cards
•    Use a USB battery charger
•    Use emails to send attachments
•    Use rechargeable batteries
•    Use Skype for free internet calling
•    Use student discount cards
•    Use the bus or cycle
•    Use the library

•    Ask a student to take the video
•    Borrow things
•    Give an email address for replies
•    Have a barbeque reception
•    Have a friend do the floral arrangements
•    Have a friend do your make up for free
•    Have a friend edit the video
•    Have a friend take the photographs
•    Have a friend take the video
•    Have friends decorate the venue
•    Hire a vintage car for the venue
•    Hire all wedding clothes or buy online
•    Keep guests to a minimum
•    Reuse the same flowers at different venues
•    Use a friends car for the venue
•    Use economical shoes
•    Use venues which are off-peak
•    Wear your Sunday best for the wedding
•    Wedding stationary can be made using software



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