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Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Many families have pet insurance and great care is required for these animals, so that they are in the best of health and can live to an old age without any distress. We become emotionally attached to our dog, cat or hamster, as they become part of the family. Such insurance ensures that our pets have good professional care at all times, so that they are disease free whenever possible.

Insurance for pets is readily available on the internet and some insurance comparison sites are giving savings of up to thirty five percent. Insurance will normally cover illness, injury and ongoing conditions. Pet plans are available from specialist insurance companies covering insurance for cats, dogs, horses and rabbits. One insurance company is giving eight weeks worth of free pet insurance for annual policies.

When you take your ill pet to the veterinary clinic, the costs can be very high that is if you do not have insurance.

Questions to consider for pet insurance?
• Do you want basic care and emergency cover?
• What is the excess?
• What are the lifetime limits?
• How does the claim process work?
• What are the exclusions?
• How much do you have to pay personally?
• Can you go to any vet?
• What is the procedure for emergencies, accidents and serious illness?
• Does the insurance cover kidney failure, hip disease, etc?
• Does it include radiation therapy, surgery and hospitalisation?
• Does it cover regular health checks and medicine?
• Does the insurance cover long stays at a pet hospital?

Premiums will depend on:
• Type of pet.
• Age.
• Breed.

Having pet insurance can potentially save or extend the life of your family pet and professional preventative care means that your pet can be disease free for a longer period.


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