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We do not provide legal advice, professional advice, investment services advice or financial advice - you will need to consult an authorised registered person. Your home will be at risk if do not keep up payments. Investments can go up and go down. Past performance is not a good forecast of future performance. The law, trading conditions and prices in the market place are to subject to change at any time. Content on this website may be coming from other external websites and may not be in keeping with your laws. The website users are completely and fully legally responsible for your access to and the use of this website software internet application and all its contents. is a free internet based resource. Users of the website accept the data accessed at their own risk and no warranties to accuracy of the illustrative data and information is made in part or in whole. does not give advice at any time individually or generically according to your needs or circumstances. Any decisions you make after using the  published information is carried out entirely at your own risk and your own intiative. The owners, writers, administrators or any other staff employed indirectly or directly in providing resources for the website shall not be held at all liable for any decisions or consequences you make when you use this website.

Do not use the website if you don't agree to these terms and disclaimer.
Information means knowledge or facts.
Tips means helpful hints or warnings.
Advice means recommendation as what to do.
Advise means to offer advice to.
Advertising means to present or praise (goods or service) to the public in order to encourage sales.
Commission means percentage paid to be allowed to do something.
Free means a charge paid to be allowed to do something.
Strategic means advantageous overall plan.
General means common or widespread of or affecting all or most not specific.
Buy means to acquire by paying money for and thing acquired through payment.
Sell means the exchange of something for money.
Sales mean the exchange of goods for money.
Personal means individual private.
Recommendation means advice or counsel; praise or commend; make acceptable.
Public means well know for use by everyone.
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) requires us to give clear terms of trading; website access conditions and these are set out below.
By using this website from England and Wales, you signify your 'Agreement' to the whole of these Terms of Use, Website User Agreement and Disclaimer after reading it upon first use for lawful purposes. Do not continue access, contribute or use our website if you disagree. "You”, “User", "Website User" is any website user accessing this website. "We", "us", "our", "Operator", "Introducer(s)" refer to this websites operator. "" and "" are trademarks of (hereinafter called the website 'Operator'). Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners (whether registered or not registered). We have taken every possible effort in providing quality information to the user/reader of this website. We offer only journalism, news, tips, strategic and general advice. We are entirely independent from any company and government funding.
The Operator cannot accept any responsibility for any errors or omissions nor can the Operator warrant or guarantee that the information provided or collaborated by a third-party is 100% free of inaccuracies, errors or omissions or entirely complete. The Operator shall not be held responsible for any real or consequential loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any inaccuracy or error within this website or its contents. Website contents and this Agreement are subject to change at anytime by the Operator. The content and materials in this website are provided "as is"/"as available" and without warranties of any kind either express or implied. You (and not the Operator) assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repairs or correction of your computer systems from the use of this website particularly related to viruses or other harmful infections. In no event shall the Operator have any liability personally to you for any losses, damages and causes in contract, tort or negligence. We shall not be liable for any loss or claim whatsoever due to inaccurate information provided by You to us or a third party. You agree to hold us, our management, employees and licences harmless from any liability, damage, costs, claims, losses and legal expenses due to any breach from the use of our website (uploading comments and articles, use of forums/chat rooms) and any breach of this Agreement. If we suffer any losses due to claims or legal action by another person other than the website user, You will compensate us in full for any default caused by you. You understand that by using this website our liability to you for direct loss and expense shall be limited to £1.00 (One Pound Sterling) for any one incident or series of incidents. You are not to reverse engineer, download confidential information or hack into any of our systems or those who link to us. Any passwords and user names must not be given to any third parties. We accept no responsibility for any errors, omissions or inaccurate content; whether express or implied and to the extent permitted by law, we exclude all representations, warranties relating to satisfactory quality, security, compatibility, non infringement, accuracy and any fitness for purpose.
All articles and information or any information contributed by the public on this website are not a professional authorised consultation and are for general individual personal or private information only.
Always seek specific financial information from an Independent Financial Advisor who is registered with the Financial Services Authority in the United Kingdom. Taxation, legal and medical information should be obtained from competent experts recognised by a professional organisation. We offer no advice, lead, enable arrangements, recommendations when You make a decision to buy any particular investment product or service. We would recommend that you always make your own mind up through your own investigations and research or by consulting an Independent Financial Advisor. As Journalist's we have no financial interest in any product sold by an Independent Financial Advisor other than our fee.
This entire website, trademarks, design rights, intellectual property rights, layout, feel, graphics, structure and the information within it are the copyright of or its licensors and any use or copying of information from this website is not permitted, without the express prior written consent of the Operator. International and United Kingdom copyright laws apply to whole of the contents of this website. Commercial use of this website by the public is not permitted and any use of the material published on this website is for research, general information, personal use and interest only. We will not be responsible for any direct or indirect personal or commercial losses (whether such damage or losses were foreseeable, foreseen known or otherwise and also consequential, exemplary or special) such as lost profit, data loss, consequential loss, economic loss, reputation loss, identity loss, goodwill loss, loss of use, loss of opportunity, loss of business, revenue loss, business loss, loss of contracts, professional charges, losses by third parties and the like. We will not be responsible for any computer data loss whatsoever which the website User has used or is connected to when using the internet.
The law of England in English courts shall apply to this website as this website operates from England, United Kingdom. and its contributors reserve all rights and no intellectual property rights are conferred by this Agreement to You.
'Introducer Only' Terms:
The Operator is not an insurance firm and does not act as Independent Financial Advisors nor does the Operator provide financial or legal advice to any website users. This website does not create a client relationship and you act as yourself in any contractual matters in relation to documents executed by you. The Operator is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, liability, or damages from your use of this website and any website or entity which may be linked to this website. We are not authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and we are in good faith fully compliant with FSA requirements. We are not involved in insurance sales. Website users will be introduced by hyperlinks to contact FSA approved firms directly. Where we have been given marketing material of a FSA approved firm, this information can be accessed from this website. As Introducers we cannot provide any advice, quote, details, manage claims, answer questions and assist in any transaction or in purchasing insurance, only an approved FSA registered firm or person can. Also, we will not help in completing any proposal forms or collect such information. We do not act for any FSA approved firm but we only act as introducers for the firm where we have a working relationship with them. We will not withhold any commission which we are not entitled to and we will only be paid a (fixed, percentage, lump sum) fee by a FSA approved firm or person if there will be a successful transaction between the purchaser of a product and a FSA approved firm. When we introduce a potential purchaser to an FSA authorised person or an appointed representative of an authorised person and the introduction is made with a view to the provision of independent advice to the prospective purchaser, the introduction is excluded from the FSA regulated of 'arranging'. Consumers who use Introducers would be adequately protected if the FSA authorised firms to which they are introduced are subject to FSA rules. There is little detriment involved in an Introduction to a FSA authorised firm or person. We do not handle any client money in connection with any transaction that the You enter into with a FSA authorised firm as a result of an Introduction. We are independent of any FSA authorised firm or person mentioned on this website. We also charge FSA approved firms or appointed representatives or persons for Introduction space or an Introduction fee and therefore will receive Introduction income. We will provide name and addresses of FSA approved firms or persons where applicable are part of this website or other website information.
Financial Promotion:
Our promotions are only generic and only refer to the services that are provided. Our promotions do not make reference to an insurer or an individual.
FSA Handbook - PERIMG
PERG 7.3.2A 'Advise about financial instruments in a newspaper, journal, magazine, publication, internet communication or radio or television broadcast should not normally be a personal recommendation under MiFID'.
PERG 7.4.5 Under this clause we will not give advice or lead customers.
PERG 7.4.10 'In the FSA's view, the presence on a host publication or service of a hypertext link which is only the name or logo of another website is unlikely itself to indicate that a purpose of the host website is to lead to relevant transactions (or enable them to be entered into). But if more sophisticated links, such as banners or changeable text, contain promotional material inviting or seeking to procure persons to enter into relevant transactions, those links will have to be weighed in the balance in determining the principal purpose of the publication or service hosting the link. The
same applies if the host publication or service hosting the link itself contains material inviting persons to activate the link with a view to entering into relevant transactions'.
We have made this website as accessible as we can and is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox website software to increase the font size and ClickSpeak addon text to speech software for Mozilla Firefox. This software is currently free and will require setting up by a competent person for optimal viewing. We are continually improving our software and the layout of this website and its functionality is subject to change at any time. Some hardware and software may not work with our website and no warranty is given. We cannot guarantee that this website will be available when you need it due to maintenance, lack of internet transmission or other business management decisions.
Any data (Your personal details or site usability) given to us by the website user is collected in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other regulations in force at the time of writing these terms. We will not pass any data collected to any third party without your explicit permission. We may contact you from time to time with the data that you have given us for any special promotions, normally by email. The Operator is the sole owner of any information collected from this website (mainly your name and email address) and we will not disclose any personal identifiable information to third parties unless required by United Kingdom courts. The Operator is not responsible for the privacy practices of other linked web sites. You the website user acknowledge that any reliance upon any information from the Operator shall be at your sole personal risk. We cannot be responsible for any identity theft howsoever caused.
Our uses of links on this website are not dictated by external organisations or companies or by how we earn our income or how we are paid for our information services. Website users are entirely responsible for their own decisions when using the content/links of this website and we do not accept any liability for any loss and expense whether implied or otherwise. We only link to organisations recognised as useful sources of information and those we have a working relationship with. We reserve the right to remove any link from our website at anytime without notice even if consent was previously granted. If you need to link to us, it is important that the link does no harm to our reputation and does not associate that any your products are recommended by us. Full screen links must be used as '' with hyperlink link such as ''. No link to us or our computer systems must transmit any viruses or similar harmful computer programmes. Users of third party linked web sites are to read the disclaimer and privacy policy of any linked other web sites before they submit personal identifiable information. Your use of third party arrangements/links referred to on this website and information provided/gathered is entirely at your sole risk/responsibility and precautions should be taken. We cannot be responsible for any unlawful materials placed on third party sites and that any material displayed will be suitable for children. Links from this website to other websites and the way any data is collected or their content are not in our control and are excluded from this website Terms and User Agreement. Links to other websites are for pure convenience only and we do not endorse or support these organisations. The information, products or services on third party pages are entirely their responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for the contents, information and links of any third party. Always read a contract before buying from all third party suppliers and we have no contract with you to buy or sell any financial product or service.
Editorial Control:
We the website Operator have sole, full and final editorial control for any articles or comment postings made by You without notice. Check regularly for updates. We may at anytime or for any reason delete or edit content at our discretion if it does not meet these Agreement Terms or ethical international standards (our decision with be final and conclusive). You have sole copyright of your content (comprising text, photographs, graphics, video or audio)when it is uploaded (for sharing)on to our servers but in doing so you give us a non exclusive perpetual free use licence rights locally, nationally and internationally to display, print, store, archive and/or sell your uploaded content at our discretion. The website user warrants that the information uploaded onto our servers is her/his original work, does not infringe any laws and consent has been obtained form identifiable persons or their parents/guardian. Articles, comments and posts to the Operator's website/forums by website users must not contain copyrighted material, financial advise, fall foul of FSA guide lines, infringement of intellectual property, advertisements, promotions, chain correspondence, defamation material, IP address withholding, leave duplicate content, give incorrect information, incorrect rates, incorrect prices, incorrect premiums, falsely manipulate data, discrimatory and racial hatred. The website user should not rely on information posted by other website users and such information may be inaccurate in many ways; and cannot be authenticated as true so your use of this information is at your sole risk and not ours. You should carry out your own research and seek the advice of an Independent Financial Advisor for the correct view and information relating to a particular product. We cannot keep a trace on all data posted by the public to this website in articles and forums. You can contact us at anytime to review or amend any such data which is generally of concern; however the Operator's decision will be final and binding. In extreme cases we will suspend or remove website user access to article submission or forum areas of the website and the suspended website user warrants that she/he will not re-register by opening another account. Consistent website offenders causing abuse may be reported to the authorities. Do not take any unnecessary risks or infringe any laws in sharing content with us. If you disagree to this Agreement do not submit your comments or share content us. Most of the content on this website is created and contributed by the public. These are not our views but the express views of the website users. We are not in any form responsible for public submitted content.
Website Users:
Before you can post, comment or upload articles you will be required to register. We encourage website users to be patient, comply with FSA rules, use English language only and not to use inappropriate user names, no spamming, no duplicate content, no unlawful content, no objectionable content, no advertising, no promoting, no abusive behaviour, no offensive behaviour, no cloaking IP addresses, no use of proxies, no use of multiple logins, no illegal material, no adult material, no use of illegal email addresses, no submission of content if you are under 18 years of age and no disruptive behaviour.
Personal Information:
We would warn our website users not to reveal or post on the internet any personal information.
If any term in this agreement is determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwise, then to the extent that the term is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed and deleted and the remaining terms shall survive. The failure or delay of to exercise or enforce any right does not waive our right to enforce that right. website content is based upon journalistic research. This website does not advise on, or lead or enable website users to buy or sell securities or contractually based investments. submission guidelines for links and articles submission:

The decision of the websites owners will be final if a link or article will be included and the websites owners have the right to amend (title or descriptions or categories) or reject completely content submitted for inclusion. A free submission will not necessary ensure that your website submissions will be included.

Links and articles submissions are free but a continuous backlink must be provided to with link tag UK Insurance Directory. If the backlink is removed, your link to our websites will also be removed. Submit to the most appropriate category.

The description (no more than 500 characters) and title (no more than 80 characters and not all capitals) should not use promotional data, names of people, phone or fax numbers, addresses and emails. will never share your email or personal information and submissions using email will not be accepted.

There must be no adult sites or content submitted, no repeated exclamation marks, no keyword stuffing, no copyright infringement, no fraud, no warez, no racism, no pornography, no vulgarity, no voilence, no pirated material, no drug promotion, no betting, no gambling and the like consisting of illegal promotion or content.

Do not: submit dupilicate content, duplicate URLs, URL redirects, under construction sites, duplicate meta tags, duplicate descriptions and duplicate titles.

Article submission guides:

> original and ghost written articles are acceptable when submitted personally by the copyright owner.

> length of article should not be less than 400 characters and not more than 800 characters. 

> submit your article to the correct category.

> there must be no affiliate links within the entire article data.

> grammer and spell check all articles and links before submission.

> use only one or two text (URL) links in the body of the article.

> no duplicate articles or links will be allowed.

Insurance Videos submission to the insurance video category: Please submit any interesting links for money and finance related videos to the Insurance Videos category.

These terms are subject to change without notice and data is provided as is and when available.

Any submitted links, articles or submissions to this website are the sole responsibility of the website user who submitted the data. shall not have any responsibility whatsoever from the use of any information contained in our websites. There are no guaranties or warranties given and no liability implied whatsoever. Subject to our full terms and conditions available on this website.
The opinions expressed in articles are those of the individual writers and are not representative of

Investment decisions
Our website contents are particularly for only information purposes.  All views are personally of individual journalists and contributors. Any content shall not be taken as a recommendation in any way to buy, sell or trade. We shall take no responsibility from any loss suffered by the website user from any information on this website. Always take personal independent professional advice before making any decision. We offer no advice or recommendation to anybody whatsoever. Our website does not convey any advice and you are free to make your own investment requirements, as illustrated investments or financial services may not be suitable for any investor. Your are recommended to consult your own financial, legal and medical advisors about any future decisions you make. Investing in the stock market (shares, penny shares, exchange traded funds, bonds, unit trusts and the like) is very risky, investments can fall or rise in value and no guarantees are given at any time, you may loose all of your investments and capital. Rates or yields are not predictable or guaranteed  in any manner. Certain investments are not easily accessible and normally there are no cancellation rights whatsoever. Any previous performance may not reflect any future performance. Overseas shares and investments will fluctuate in accordance with prevailing exchanges rates. Taxation rules are variable and may change depending upon government intervention. When buying investments additional broker charges or levies must be taken into account. Any information obtained regarding an investment or an investment decision may not be a reliable indicator of the truth. Transferring investments from one provider to another may also involve risks to the value of your investments, always ask for details before any transfer takes place. Venture capital trusts are risky investments. Old policies should not be cancelled until a new policy is in force. Pension rules and taxation regulations can change by the government at any time and transferring a pension can involve additional risk, costs or loss of investments.

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